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We're uncovering lots To Do In Lincoln. After reading our BLOG, browsing our CALENDAR, or SEARCHing our site, you'll never again say, 'There's nothing To Do In This Town.'

First Friday, May 3rd, 2013 (Parrish)

On the 2nd floor of the Parrish building you can see just how creative Lincoln can be. There are a variety of exhibits, media and artists upstairs above Gomez Art Supply. There is no excuse to stay home Because There is Always Something To Do In This Town.

aorta, 116 N 14th Street, 2nd Floor

Aorta has a wonderful selection of vintage items, including apparel. Aorta has a focus on applique.

Robot Luv , 1410 O Street 2nd Floor

Robot Luv will be open showing a plethora of Carrie Masters work in a variety of media.

SP_CE Gallery, 1410 O Street 2nd Floor, 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.

SP CE Gallery presents a First Friday in SP CE. Kelsey Reifert’s chapbook I AM A NARWHAL is hitting the streets. Featuring readings by Rachael Wolfe, Amanda Huckins, and, of course, Kelsey Reifert.

SPATIVM, 1410 O Street 2nd Floor, 6:00 – 10:00 p.m.

SPATIVM Gallery presents Transparency + Landscapes – a painting exhibition by Chad M. Olsen.

“In a world that can be opaque, cynical or obscure at times, transparency can help elevate me to a higher state of being and understanding. There is fear in the subtlety of being vulnerable to another person. I admit, when I paint, I do not necessarily anticipate the outcome. What is important is the act of painting, because it allows me the opportunity to comprehend and understand the work. It is my meditation. It is when I’m most vulnerable.”

-Chad M. Olsen

SPATIUM is a space for art. Art can be a somewhat subjective term outside of the academic world. But art is whatever a given person decides to call art. Others may disagree, but once a piece is labeled as “art” then the topic is up for discussion. Some may hold their ground, and others may change their minds. But once something is called “art” then it will always be “art” to someone. SPATIUM is a space for those discussions. SPATIUM is a space for artists, whether they are labeled: “academic”, “outsider”, “professional”, “amateur”, or anything else.  SPATIUM is a space for art. The name SPATIUM is Latin for “space” and is pronounced like the words “spa”, “tea”, & “um”.

Tugboat Gallery, (Gomez Art Supply) 116 N. 14th Street- second story, 7-10pm

Tugboat Gallery proudly presents “Physical Free Verse” featuring Jordan Buschur, Angeles Cossio and Victoria Hoyt – Opening First Friday May 3rd from 7:00-10:00 with DJ Ol’ Moanin’ and closing on May 31st.

“Physical Free Verse” risks the normal understanding between 2 and 3 dimensions utilizing digital prints, installation and oil paintings.

Regular Hours: Monday-Friday 10-6, Sat, 12-5 and Sunday 2-5.

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