What We Do

We're uncovering lots To Do In Lincoln. After reading our BLOG, browsing our CALENDAR, or SEARCHing our site, you'll never again say, 'There's nothing To Do In This Town.'


To Do In This Town, Inc.

To Do In This Town’s journey as a company began in 2007 when our not-yet three year old daughter was being put in time out. When asked to sit silently, she sassed back with crossed arms, “Fine. There’s nothin’ to do in this town anyway.” We set out to show her otherwise.

In 2008, we discovered lots of things for families to do. However, many of them are unknown. As a result, we are now launching To Do In This Town as a resource to families, like ours, who are looking for one place to go for unique, enjoyable and affordable activities. We hope to help you find some events or activities that will help you live a more enjoyable, active life.

Thanks for taking the time to read about our company. We look forward to seeing you out in the community as our family encounters yours having fun and experiencing life together.

We have always been an on the go family and we enjoyed many activities. One of our favorites was going to the movies. However, as our family grew, so did the expenses associated with an afternoon feature with treats. We were tired of having to pay an arm and a leg to take our family to the movie.

After encountering many families larger than ours, we began to wonder what options there were in town for movie viewing without the huge expense. This need caused us to launch a venture that includes a number of families going out to see a Family Movie.

After several movies, the word of mouth marketing and friends referring friends model resulted in a well attended popular event. More and more people began asking about other activities they could do with their families. Traffic on the blog increased and we decided to launch ToDoInThisTown.com.