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We believe that those who give their time and money in our community benefit as much as those receiving their gift. ‘Be In’ encompasses the ideas of being involved, engaged and invested in our community.

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Be Informed. Be Involved. Be Invested.

Most of all... Be In Lincoln!

Four-Course Dinner is Romantic and Good for the Community

Foodie Definition
Are you a foodie? If you have to ask, ‘What is a foodie?’ then probably not. But don’t worry, you can be. It just takes a love of food and an interest in how it’s made. With a little curiosity, some willingness to experiment and learn, you can be enjoying some of the best food Lincoln has to offer.

To continue on with the Love and Romance Theme for the month of February, we’d like to share a couple other things with you. These revolve around Theatre, Food and Wine with our local Russ’s Market at the center of it all.

For the 5th year in a row, Russ’s Market presents the Lincoln Wine and Food Experience. This event is a fundraiser with the goal of raising $40,000 for the Lincoln Community Playhouse.

Wine Maker’s Dinner tickets make an excellent Valentines Gift

The event is kicked off with the Wine Maker’s Dinner Thursday evening. This is a four course dinner served by Russ’s Catering on the stage at the Playhouse. Each course features a different Clos Du Bois wine along with insight from award-winning winemaker Jimmy Morrill of Clos Du Bois. Enjoy this as a group event with some of your best friends or a romantic dinner with that special someone. From coat and tie to jeans and jackets, tickets to the Wine Maker’s Dinner will make an excellent Valentines gift. Seating is limited to 80, so get your tickets soon.
Lincoln Community Playhouse Fundraiser
Then, on Friday the main event will be at Embassy Suites. General admission tickets will get you into the main room to sample around 80 different booths divided between wine and a variety of foods. Reserve Room tickets will allow you access to the main room as well as the Reserve room with access to exclusive wines and a buffet from 4-8pm.

This is an excellent experience for those who love wine, food or both. As you find wines you enjoy, you’ll be able to place orders for pickup within roughly a week. A case of wine, a subscription to the Lincoln Community Playhouse, and a new understanding of how to keep dinner exciting with a quick trip to Russ’s Market will keep the Romance going all year long.

Give to Lincoln Day

What is Give To Lincoln Day?

Give to Lincoln Day will be a 24 hour day of giving on Thursday, May 17. It is one special day when everyone in Lincoln is asked to make a donation and show support for our local nonprofit organizations that contribute so much to our great city. Together, we have the power to raise thousands of dollars and have a real impact on the future of Lincoln. Every donation made on May 17 will help our nonprofits even more because they will also receive a proportional share of a $200,000 challenge match pool.

Why is Lincoln Community Foundation Sponsoring this Event?

The need for funding has never been greater as our nonprofits are stretched to meet current needs and carry out their work. The mission of the Lincoln Community Foundation is to encourage philanthropy, which is a vital component of a strong city, and to grant funds to improve our community.
The purpose of Give To Lincoln Day is to raise awareness of the current philanthropic needs and opportunities in our community, increase public awareness of local nonprofit organizations, build the capacity of local nonprofits and inspire donors to support the causes that mean the most to them.

Who Can Participate?

All nonprofit organizations recognized as 501 (c) (3) public charities that serve people in Lincoln and Lancaster County are welcome to participate in this event. This will include health and human service organizations, arts and culture, children and families, education, animals, parks and many more Lincoln nonprofit groups. Organizations that exist primarily for religious purposes or political activities are

Nonprofits need to register online at www.GiveToLincoln.com to participate and create their online giving page.

How Will People Participate?

Donations to participating nonprofit organizations will be made online at www.GiveToLincoln.com. The event is for 24 hours on Thursday, May 17, beginning at 12:00 am and ending at 11:59 pm. Donations must be made during this time to qualify for the matching funds.
The Lincoln Community Foundation will also receive gifts from individuals who prefer to make their gifts in person, instead of online. People can come to the Foundation office at 215 Centennial Mall South between the hours of 8:00 and 5:00. Minimum donation is $10.

What is the Challenge Match Fund?

The Lincoln Community Foundation will contribute a challenge match fund of $200,000. At the end of the event, every agency will receive a proportional share of this fund, based upon their percentage of the total dollars raised. For example, if an agency receives 5% of the total donations raised during the event, the agency will receive an additional $10,000 from the Challenge Match Fund.

Additional Prizes and Grants

The purpose of Give To Lincoln Day is to encourage philanthropy. The Lincoln Community Foundation will provide three bonus grants to the three nonprofits that have the most donors making gifts during Give To Lincoln Day. $2,500 will be awarded for first place, $1,500 for second and $1,000 for third.
Donors are also eligible for bonus grant prizes. Ten times during the day, a donor will be selected at random and an additional bonus grant of $200 will be added to the donation that donor made to their nonprofit organization.
A leader board will be updated in real time during the event and can be viewed on www.GiveToLincoln.com. Nonprofits and the community will be able to see current dollars raised and the number of donors for each nonprofit, as well as prizes that have been awarded.


Lincoln Community Foundation staff will answer questions.
Call 402 474-2345 or visit www.GiveToLincoln.com for more information.
Be Informed. Be Involved. Be Invested. Most of all… Be In Lincoln!

People’s City Mission Announces City-Wide Recycling Day April 28th

Join People’s City Mission on Saturday, April 28th at any of the 10 Russ’s Market and Super Saver locations across Lincoln for a City-Wide Recycling Day to kick off our new program, Mission Recycle! 

Bring over your unwanted clothing & accessories including shoes, hats, purses, and belts in any condition, and donate them to a great cause!  Wearable clothing will be offered to guests staying at People’s City Mission as well as given out at our Homeless Prevention Center located at 21st and N Street.  The Homeless Prevention Center provides an opportunity for those in the community living near or below the poverty line to acquire clothing, food, household goods, personal care items, and furniture at no cost for their homes.

Clothing items that are no longer wearable or have not been chosen at the Homeless Prevention Center will be recycled and sent to businesses in need of the scrap materials.  All proceeds from recycled materials come directly back in to the Homeless Prevention Center to aid in the continuance of help we can offer to the impoverished of Lincoln.

Pastor Tom Barber said, “I’ve always told people one way they can help the Mission is by giving us all their worldly possessions. It is kind of a joke, but in the case of clothing it is very true.  We can use everything you give us. The good, workable clothes will bless someone in our community that has less. The bad, unusable clothes will be recycled and provide the money needed to help us continue to serve the less fortunate of Lincoln. Either way, the clothing won’t find its way into a landfill and goes to good use.”

Collections will start at 9am and end at 4pm.  So stop by any Russ’s Market and Super Saver location and help support those in need in our community.

For more information regarding this event contact Amy Cink at acink@peoplescitymission.org or get in touch with our Homeless Prevention Center located at 21st & N St by phone at (402) 475-6888 or web at www.peoplescitymission.org.

Volunteers are still needed to help with this recycling drive.  Please contact the Mission’s Volunteer Coordinator, Michele Orth, at (402) 817-0818 or morth@peoplescitymission.org

LAFM Spring Kids Consignment Sale

Lincoln Area Families with Multiples (LAFM)

Spring Kids Consignment Sale!

Equipment, clothes, toys, furniture, household items, and much much more!

Saturday, April 21st

9:30 a.m. -3:00 p.m.

First Lutheran Church (70th and A Sts)

2 ways to shop early and save!

* Show us your baby bump and shop on Friday, April 20th from 7-8pm with a $1 donation.
* Shop from 8:30-9:30am on April 21st with a $1 donation.

LAFM is an organization dedicated to those in Lincoln and surrounding areas with twins, triplets, and more. Please come and shop to help support our non-profit organization.

Be Informed. Be Involved. Be Invested. Most of all… Be In Lincoln!

What LAFM has to Offer

Lincoln Area Families with Multiples

Our organization helps to support members in various ways.

Here are some examples:

  • We have a meal program in which members prepare and deliver meals to help those who have just brought their multiples home from the hospital.
  • We have monthly meetings where we have a speaker come address the group about topics relevant to parenting. In conjunction with the meetings, we hold social/networking time for parents to gather, ask questions and get advice from other parents of multiples.
  • A monthly newsletter, “Multiple Messages”, is published and distributed electronically to keep members current with the happenings of the club and upcoming events.
  • We maintain a mass e-mail group where members can post questions to one another, buy and sell items, and keep updated on club news.
  • We have Mom or Dad’s nights out, Couples’ nights out, and play dates for the youngsters.
  • Discounted (group rates) or free outings to hockey games, the circus, Salt Dog games, pumpkin patches and more!
  • The club sponsors an annual summer picnic, holiday party (Santa comes too), Trunk or Treat and Easter Egg hunt.
  • A semi-annual kids consignment sale where members can sell gently used clothing, household items, furniture, and toys. Members are able to shop the night before the sale is open to the public to find things they may need. The sale is one of the club’s biggest fundraisers!
  • Club members also receive discounts on services from many local businesses.

Be Informed. Be Involved. Be Invested. Most of all… Be In Lincoln!

Can I Ask You a Few Questions?

Lincoln Area Families with Multiples

By Erin Niebuhr and Kenzie Broders

Frequently Asked Questions of Parents of Multiples

  • Are they identical or fraternal?
  • At how many weeks gestation were they born?
  • How much did they weigh at birth?
  • Were you ever on bed rest?
  • Did you have a C-section, or did you deliver naturally?
  • How long were they in the hospital?
  • Did they sleep in the same crib, or did you separate them?
  • Did you nurse them or bottle-feed them? If you nursed, how did you do it?
  • Did you have to color-code bottles, pacifiers and clothing?
  • Are they your only kids?
  • Will you have any more kids?
  • How do you do it?

Advice to Parents of Multiples

Our new members often ask the experienced multiple parents how they handled things when their babies were new. Different things work for different families, but there are some common pieces of advice most multiple parents agree on.

  • Keep all the babies on the same eating and sleeping schedule as much as possible. If they were in the NICU, this schedule will already be established. Try to feed them all at the same time, waking up sleeping ones if needed.
  • In the beginning, keep a chart for each baby that includes when and how much they were fed, wet/dirty diapers and when they were changed, and any medications that were given. Sleep deprived parents may not always remember these details, and it will prove helpful for other caregivers. These charts are great to take to doctor appointments to show what each baby is doing, rather than trying to remember!
  • Accept all offers of help! Help will come in many forms from all sorts of people. Take them up on their offers of babysitting, home-cooked meals, house cleaning, laundry or even yard mowing.
  • Rest when the babies rest. You never know when your next run of sleepless hours will occur.
  • If you or others have trouble telling the babies apart, try dressing them in different colors, painting a toenail a different color, or putting a trademark bow or other decoration on one.
  • Treat your babies as individuals from the beginning. They are two (or three) separate and often very different individuals. Be sure to take photos of them separately as well as together. There will come a time when one child will ask for a photo of “only me”. Put the child’s name on the back so there is no confusion in later years.
  • Be prepared to spend more time than you originally planned for outings. Getting out the door with two or more babies requires a lot of planning ahead. When you are out, be prepared for many questions and comments from the general public. They are fascinated by multiples, especially infants.
  • Be prepared to answer the question “How do you do it?” which you will frequently be asked. As one LAFM member says, “When people ask me ‘how do you do it?’ I answer, you just do!  You don’t adjust to having multiples, you survive it!”

Be Informed. Be Involved. Be Invested. Most of all… Be In Lincoln!