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Sample Saturday for April 27th, 2013

University . . .the word brings to mind lots of images . . .but, do you think of plants, artists, and musicians? Because this weekend, this is what we associate with the word “University”. We are blessed in Lincoln to have several universities within a close distance. This provides us with lots of enrichment including art museums, vibrant music and theater groups, and even great food. You can find all of that and more in this week’s University Sample Saturday. There is Always Something To Do In This Town.

Lancaster Event Center – Spring Plant Affair

9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

What do plants have to do with the university? Well, the Spring Plant Affair, the midwest’s largest gardening event, is sponsored by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. This sale is huge and takes lots of helping hands to put it on. It is definitely worth checking out. If you have spring fever – you can find a solution. Here it is in their words, “More than 500 different varieties of plants will be offered at the day-long plant sale, with educational talks, “Talk-abouts” and garden vendors all under the same roof. Plants are selected for regional suitability, uniqueness and demand and are provided by Bluebird Nursery, Inc. of Clarkson, NE. Gardeners will find perennials, herbs, native plants, temperennials, vines and a variety of trees and shrubs—something for everyone.”

University Place Art Festival – Between 47th & 48th on St. Paul Avenue

9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Speaking of something for everyone, here is another twist on our University theme. University Place – near Wesleyan University is located at approximately 48th & St. Paul Avenues. This weekend you will find a plethora of exhibitors, artists, local businesses and musicians all in one place trying to raise awareness of University Place and the contributions UniPlace makes to the Art & Cultural environment of Lincoln. I have it on good authority that a great time to show up will be around 1:00 p.m. There will be fun performances throughout the day including music, dance, and art demonstrations. Neighborhood businesses shown in this post will have “Art Festival” sales.

Lied Center – UNL’s School of Music presents Verdi’s Requiem

7:30 – 9:30 p.m.

One final benefit a great university brings to the community is performance. This one will be hard to beat. Tickets are $20 for general admission and $10 for students, but it will be worth the price – guaranteed. According to the Lied Center website, “Around 350 members of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Symphony Orchestra and combined choruses will perform Giuseppe Verdi’s Requiem in honor of the 200th anniversary of the composer’s birth. ‘It’s also a piece that has not been heard in this location for a very long time, so that, in itself, makes it really extraordinary.’  The piece was last performed at UNL in 1968 in the Coliseum.”

Student Bake Sale

Bryan Community Focus Program (300 S. 48th)

Prom Fundraiser – Student Bake Sale

3:00 – 4:30 p.m.

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Lincoln is well-known for its great people and amazing support for those in need. This is an event that is near to my heart, and I hope you will support it. Bryan Community is an alternative high school program that combines high behavioral and academic expectations with innovative teaching designed to help students meet the requirements for a Lincoln Public Schools high school diploma. They are located at 300 S. 48th Street.

In 33 years, Bryan has never had a prom. These are kids who struggle to care about school, and often have little means. But, this year is different. The Student Council is on a mission to provide their students a real prom. This comes with some challenges. Events cost money, prom requires dresses and tuxes, and decorations from past years aren’t just hanging out in storage. They are starting from scratch.

If you have help, support, services, dresses, or just a need for a great plate of brownies, would you please contact Bryan Community? First, go on Thursday to the Bake Sale. Meet the kids, drop a $20 in their cash box, and then, look a little deeper and see if there are other ways you can make these kids’ dreams come true. They are willing to work for it, they just need a bit of help to get started! (They ask customers to enter at the main entrance located on the west side of the building.)

The Perfect Valentine - Love On The Run

February is the month of Love and no day in February says love like Valentine’s Day. For those of us more experienced in Love, we understand that it’s more about the giving than the getting.

If you’ve spent anytime trying to find a card that says exactly what you feel, you know how frustrating it can be. But, what are your options? Make a card by hand?!? Wow, that takes a lot of time and creativity that most of us lack. I mean, even if you know how to make a card, you have to round up the supplies. Then, you have to make it look pretty which means drawing or stamping or die cutting and gluing. If you are like me, you don’t have the tools to make a nice looking card. And, since the person my card would be going to lives in the same house, I have the dilemma of how and when to make it so that it is a surprise. So what do we do? After twenty frustrating minutes, handling almost every card in the store, we settle for something and just hope it hits the spot.

Thinking that we can expect a settled for card to have that special effect on the most romantic day of the year is craziness.

The other option is to have something delivered like flowers. We all love receiving something special in front of our peers and coworkers and flowers are always a winner. Right? Sending flowers says, I love you. But… they also say ‘Congratulations’, ‘Condolences’, and for many men out there like me, ‘Sorry.’ Yes, our lovers sure like to get flowers, but do flowers send the deeper, more heartfelt message?

Typing a Message of Love

Each year now since 2008, Porridge Papers has been giving back to the Lincoln Community in one of the most loving ways possible, Free Valentines. These aren’t just any Valentines card. These are the perfect Valentines gift. These are hand typed, personal messages just for your special someone. They are hand-made, hand-assembled and, my favorite, hand-delivered. You can’t get more personalized and special than that.

These Valentines are beautiful. Several days ahead, you’ll stop in to Porridge Papers and make your very own Valentine. You start with a unique message that you’ve typed on an antique typewriter. Your personal message of love and admiration is then neatly rolled and slipped into an antique-styled tincture bottle. Then, you will add a cute little photo of yourself to the prepared prescription of love. This is all neatly packaged in a dainty bag letterpressed with a pink winged typewriter. Letterpressed bags are made from handmade plantable paper. By plantable paper, I mean the paper has flower seeds in it. When you are done with the bag, you could put it in a pot. Add some soil, a little water and sunshine and before you know it, FLOWERS!!!

Finally, with excited hesitance, you abandon your message into a sea of other messages in bottles with only a name, delivery instructions, and the hope that it arrives to your loved one at the appointed time. Then on Valentine’s Day, a host of cupids, known locally as Valentiers will swoop down into the sea of love, select your special message and personally deliver the message to your loved one. It’s like a singing telegram without the singing. The Perfect Valentine for the Perfect Price.

All this has been coordinated and accomplished thanks to the givers at Porridge Papers, sponsors and volunteers who offer their time, one day a year to play cupid. I certainly think you’ll want to create your own Valentine this year. While you are there, pick up some more letterpressed cards, notebooks, bookmarks, business cards or other specialty gifts Porridge Papers has on hand. Even if you don’t participate in Love On The Run this year, stop in and say thank you to our friends for loving our community and giving us the opportunity to give some love every valentines day.

Four-Course Dinner is Romantic and Good for the Community

Foodie Definition
Are you a foodie? If you have to ask, ‘What is a foodie?’ then probably not. But don’t worry, you can be. It just takes a love of food and an interest in how it’s made. With a little curiosity, some willingness to experiment and learn, you can be enjoying some of the best food Lincoln has to offer.

To continue on with the Love and Romance Theme for the month of February, we’d like to share a couple other things with you. These revolve around Theatre, Food and Wine with our local Russ’s Market at the center of it all.

For the 5th year in a row, Russ’s Market presents the Lincoln Wine and Food Experience. This event is a fundraiser with the goal of raising $40,000 for the Lincoln Community Playhouse.

Wine Maker’s Dinner tickets make an excellent Valentines Gift

The event is kicked off with the Wine Maker’s Dinner Thursday evening. This is a four course dinner served by Russ’s Catering on the stage at the Playhouse. Each course features a different Clos Du Bois wine along with insight from award-winning winemaker Jimmy Morrill of Clos Du Bois. Enjoy this as a group event with some of your best friends or a romantic dinner with that special someone. From coat and tie to jeans and jackets, tickets to the Wine Maker’s Dinner will make an excellent Valentines gift. Seating is limited to 80, so get your tickets soon.
Lincoln Community Playhouse Fundraiser
Then, on Friday the main event will be at Embassy Suites. General admission tickets will get you into the main room to sample around 80 different booths divided between wine and a variety of foods. Reserve Room tickets will allow you access to the main room as well as the Reserve room with access to exclusive wines and a buffet from 4-8pm.

This is an excellent experience for those who love wine, food or both. As you find wines you enjoy, you’ll be able to place orders for pickup within roughly a week. A case of wine, a subscription to the Lincoln Community Playhouse, and a new understanding of how to keep dinner exciting with a quick trip to Russ’s Market will keep the Romance going all year long.

No Better Cause Christmas Concert

No Better Cause, Lincoln’s well-known acapella  fivesome, will present their Christmas concert and show on Sunday evening, December 16 at 7:00 p.m. at The Towers Event Center in Lincoln.  The Towers Event Center is located at Clocktower Shopping Center at 70th and A Streets.  Sponsored by Round-Abouts Restaurant of Lincoln, the show will feature traditional and original Christmas songs.  Desserts from Round-Abouts Restaurant will be served during the concert and there will be drawings for prizes.  

Proceeds from the concert will benefit the Lincoln Salvation Army’s Heatshare Program.

Tickets for the concert are $8 in advance or $10 at the door.  A family ticket for up to two adults and two children may be purchased for $20 in advance.  Tickets may be purchased by calling Round-Abouts Restaurant at 402-261-9498.

No Better Cause is an award winning pop/soul/funk vocal band from Lincoln, Nebraska.  Its members include Nate Kellison, Lucas Kellison and TJ Saddler, all singing tenor; Bill Catlett singing bass; and Michael Evans providing vocal percussion.

Through a combination of jaw-dropping performances and innovative studio musicianship, the music of No Better Cause has put them on a national platform since their humble beginnings in 2002. With a unique assortment of both original songs and uniquely arranged covers, No Better Cause is guaranteed to deliver a show that people of all ages can appreciate and enjoy, whether it be of a rock, pop, funk, soul, jazz or gospel influence… and it’s all done using NOTHING but their voices!

Whether it’s the rumbling resonance of the bass, the spectacularly soaring high tenors, or the bold beatboxing of the vocal percussion, No Better Cause is sure to catch your eyes and ears, as each unique component of this seasoned a cappella sensation works together to make their harmonized sound a sonic movement.

University Place Arts Festival 2012

On Saturday, May 5, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. the University Place Business Association is holding the University Place Art Festival 2012 at 48th and St Paul Avenue in Lincoln to enhance the business, cultural, and artistic environment in the University Place business district and neighborhood.  The one-day festival will be held rain or shine.  This event is free and open to the public.

The festival features fine arts and crafts, arts demonstrations, food vendors, and street entertainment.   Local musicians will provide music for the festival.  Food vendors will be encouraged to offer locally grown/produced food as well as the typical tasty festival fare.  LUX Center for the Arts will offer children’s art activities as well as arts and crafts demonstrations.

The aim of this festival is to provide a springtime fine arts and crafts show where local and regional artists can present and sell their work to a receptive audience of potential customers.  The Association’s goal is to reach a target of around 50 participating artists within the next 3 -5 years.

Local businesses are encouraged to be open for business during festival hours and are encouraged to display wares on sidewalks in front their business establishments.